Valuable Tips About How To Make The Beef Jerky Better

The process of slicing your meat, however, tends to get overlooked when making jerky. Even though it’s an obvious step when you make beef jerky, the way you cut the meat makes all the difference. Read on for some valuable tips about how you can make beef jerky even better.

Knives Need To Be Sharpened

Making beef jerky requires sharp knives. Make sure your knives are sharp before beginning. If you use dull knives in the kitchen, your beef will be thick, which will make it difficult to marinate and dry. Using sharp knives will not only allow you to slice the meat thinly for jerky, but also help you stay safe in the kitchen. Using a sharpening stone will save you from any unnecessary accidents in the kitchen.

It is always possible to take your knives to a professional knife sharpener if you are not able to get the level of sharpness you are looking for.

Beef Should Be Trimmed Of Fat

When was the last time you ate a piece of steak that was really greasy? That wasn’t very pleasant, did it? This is exactly what happens when you make beef jerky.

If you see any fat deposits when you’re cutting the meat, make sure to trim them off. So why is that? Jerky that’s properly dried can remain fresh for months, but beef jerky with extra fat has a much shorter shelf life. You can store meat for up to two weeks before it goes bad as fat doesn’t dry out.

Furthermore, you can more easily slice your beef by trimming the fat off. You should trim the fat off ahead of time rather than attempting to cut around it as you slice. Remember that you have your own shaper knife now, so you will find this task much easier.

It’s Time To Cool Your Beef

If you haven’t already, freeze your beef after you have cut the fat deposits off. In order for the beef to harden a bit, it does not need to be completely frozen. You can adjust the chilling time to fit your freezer.

It will be easier to get the perfect slices since your meat will be more solid and won’t be squishy.


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