The old drop: 7 fun rum facts to pair with your drop

Rum is an often underrated spirit, but the sweet, smoky flavours of the delightful shouldn’t be overlooked. This centuries-old liquor is delightful on its own or part of a legendary cocktail, and there are plenty of fun facts to enjoy whilst sipping on a bottle of the good stuff.

Here are seven of those fun facts:

  1. It is the world’s oldest spirit

You can find the best rum prices Australia has to offer, and you can enjoy it with the knowledge that you are drinking the world’s oldest spirit! The first distillation of this fine liquor took place way back in the 1620s, made in the Caribbean and the first ever liquor to be produced and distilled. Something else of note? It was the first liquor to be enjoyed as a beverage – everything that came before was used for medicinal purposes, even gin!

Today, the largest distillery is the legendary Bacardi label, producing a massive 100,000 litres of this wonderful spirit every day.

  1. India drinks the most of the stuff

Wait, India? Yes, you may have thought it was one of the Caribbean nations – or a market like the US to bring it all in and drink it all down – but India takes the prize for consuming the most rum in the world, with a massive 400 million litres of the stuff passing through its bars and shops every year! The reason behind this massive level of consumption, a favourite label by the name of Mohan Meaken’s Old Monk that is satiating the thirst of Indian enthusiasts the country over and has done so for a very long time!

  1. It used to carry a wild price tag

There was once a time – and we’re talking in the 1800s here – that this spirit was even used as currency, with sailors receiving it as payment. We would probably prefer to be paid in actual cash to have the choice but, as we know, those old-day sailors loved a good swig, so it was probably just cutting out the middle person!

  1. It was thought as a remedy for hair loss

Look, there is no scientific link between the beverage and fighting hair loss, so we don’t recommend sculling it down or rubbing it into your scalp. The point is that it was an old, myth-like remedy, something those sailors were likely rubbing into their scalps for lack of an advanced laser treatment (probably the preferred method in today’s terms).

  1. It can be incredibly strong

Some particular labels come with a massive alcohol content, something to tread lightly alongside the likes of a robust absinthe. One Jamaican drop has a wild 63% alcohol content – something we don’t recommend getting too stuck into!

  1. George Washington loved a rumbo

And what was the preferred cocktail of the first president of the United States? The Mount Vernon Eggnog, made with dark Jamaica rum.

  1. It has many a nickname

This legendary alcohol isn’t short of a few sailor’s names to accompany a swig, in fact it has many, take a look at a few to add to your repertoire:

  • Demon Water
  • Nelson’s Blood
  • Rumbullion
  • Pirates Drink
  • Grog
  • Barbados Water
  • Kill-Devil
  • Navy Neaters

And probably a few more poking about the back of a Caribbean distillery or two – that’s a few for now to be going on with!

These are a few fun facts to enjoy with this timeless classic. Enjoy responsibly, with these little tidbits on the side.

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