Working wonders: 4 awesome ideas for team building events

The word has gone around: there is going to be a team building event this Friday and you’re in charge of organising it. Are you going to put in the yards to make it a fun-filled, super-special occasion for all to remember? Or, are you going to trudge towards the day and allow your colleagues to awkwardly stand around a table of delivered pizza and Coca Cola?

We know what your answer should be, and we have some fantastic ideas on how to make it a real winner below:

  1. Top class catering

The first thing you need is quality food. If you’re on the Party Planning Committee then you know that your colleagues will expect some delectable delights to get stuck into after a morning’s hard work!

We’re not talking picking up a few boxes of factory-made doughnuts from the Coles Express at the bottom of your office building – we’re talking about the best afternoon tea catering Sydney has, with everything from crunchy croissants to mouth watering muffins, scrumptious slices and, of course, the obligatory espresso coffee trolley to keep the vibe going because, after all, who’s going to say know to free coffee and treats at a workplace event?

  1. Icebreaker games

Because, after all: it’s a team building exercise, and so you should give your team members a chance to get to know each other a little better before moving on to the more exciting event elements! There are a number of great ice breaking games to play, including:

  • Two truths & a lie
  • Online quizzes
  • Whose story is it?
  • Group map

And much more. There are so many fun ice breaking games out there, and they are the best way to ease any awkwardness that may be found among a new team of individuals, so bring out your team’s fun side with some of these awesome ice breaking games!

  1. The survivor game

Survivor is a super fun team building activity designed to build collaborating and problem solving skills. You will have to give your team a fictional scenario like being stuck in a remote area.

Your team will have to choose items to take with them that they will use to survive the ordeal. Create a list of 10 items that can include the likes:

  • A compass
  • Flint spark lighter
  • A hunting knife
  • A camp cooking pot
  • A flare

And more. Your two teams have to work together to decide which items will be best for their survival strategy and why. Once they have decided on their items they will then have to present their strategy and selected items to the rest of the group, with the groups then deciding on whose strategy is better.

It can get a little heated, it can devolve into serious survivor discussion, but it’s a fun and unique way to get your team working together in a fun and stimulating fashion!

  1. An in (or out or both) office scavenger hunt

Because the legendary scavenger hunt has always been a super fun way to have new teams working together towards a common goal – finding everything they can from the clues given by the opposite team.

Whether it’s within the office, finding things like supplies, signage and more, or heading out into the Sydney streets, being directed towards the likes of the Observatory and the Tower Eye, there are plenty of ways you can make this a fun exercise that is sure to create a few friendships and positive working relationships in the process!

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