Why Shredded White Cheeses Are So Popular With Mexican Restaurants

Currently, the idea of Mexican cuisine without cheese seems absurd, but it wasn’t always this way. Mexican cheese is incredibly diverse, so avoid the often-uninspiring products that claim to be ‘Mexican cheese’ but are just in fact cheddar cheese and nothing else. It is well worth your time to find an authentic Mexican cheese blend, like Mexi Shred Blend by Pure Dairy so that you can truly enjoy the taste of Mexican cheese.

Each Mexican shredded cheese has qualities that make it a good choice for certain dishes over others, but they also share a few things in common. Although some varieties of Mexican cheese are made with goat’s milk, most are made with cow’s milk. The cheeses are all fresh, unaged, and taste creamy.

Queso fresco is a traditional Mexican cheese made with cow’s milk, sometimes blended with goat’s milk. Also, the Mexican version of parmesan, Cotija, is a crumbly, salty cheese. The cheese, made from cow’s milk, softens when heated but not enough to melt.

Often described as the cross between mozzarella and cottage cheese, queso Blanco is generally used to describe fresh white cheese. Similarly, made from cow’s milk, queso panela cheese serves as a mild and mildly flavoured semi-soft cheese. When heated, it holds its shape quite well, similar to thick slices of halloumi.

These cheeses are all often served shredded in Mexican restaurants, hence why you often see shredded white cheese in popular Mexican spots. However, the most authentic Mexican cheeses come in blends, all mixed together.

Pure Dairy’s Mexi Shred Blend is a unique four cheese blend that melts on anything hot or cold. It can melt quickly and be handled efficiently due to its fine white angel hair shred. As well as enhancing the taste and appearance of many dishes, this versatile shredded cheese cuts down on preparation time and can be used in a variety of applications across multiple dishes. It offers a perfect combination of stretch and flavour while delivering exceptional melt and consistency.

Each Mexican restaurant in Australia has its own style and recipes to introduce the cuisine. Yet most of them prefer the following characteristics of Mexi Shred Blend, or Shredded White Cheeses:


Shredded cheese has a salty-yet-milky flavour profile, which can change over time, depending on how long it has been aged. As it ages, it acquires a sharper, firmer flavour profile and texture, which many Australians favour, mainly due to how it is shredded. As well as adding flavour to countless dishes, this shredded cheese also helps reduce prep time in the kitchen and is suitable for multiple uses.


In a meltability test, many people believe that packaged shredded cheese would not perform best. In reality, pre-shredded cheese is usually better at melting since it has been pre-shredded. It is undeniable that some people make shredded cheese with nasty ingredients like starch and additives like sorbic acid, natamycin, etc. However, if you need shredded cheese with high meltability, you can go for the packed ones from a reputed store like Pure Dairy.

Shelf Life

The shelf life of Mexican Shred Blend is 180 days, and storing it is very simple. You can freeze it and use it whenever you need it. It is packaged well and comes in high-quality packaging. When freezing Mexi Shred Blend, there is no additional effort required. Mexi Shred Blend’s long shelf life makes storing it feasible, and from a monetary standpoint, it is also less expensive to buy in bulk.

From the taste, meltability, storage to the financial aspect, Mexi Shred Blend enables restaurants in Australia to benefit in multiple ways. If you prepare Mexican dishes or any other cuisines in your restaurant, it is good to get some Mexi shred blend cheese. Your dishes will taste delicious and look appealing too. Cheese blends like these will go well on dishes like tacos, pies, quesadillas, and tortillas. Be sure to try the Mexican cheese blend from Pure Dairy. Get in touch with Pure Dairy today, to order Mexi Shred Blend.

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