What Makes Restaurant Poutine So Good? TheRecipe or Fresh Cheese Curds?

Poutine is a popular Canadian dish that has now become an admired dish in restaurants across Australia. No surprise here, Poutine is a delicious and well-loved dish. So, what is the reason behind the perfect taste and texture of a restaurant-made poutine? Is it because it is crafted by chefs, using the best recipes they have, or because they use fresh cheese curds?

When we try to make poutine at home – it doesn’t always turn out the way we want. We might have the wrong ingredients, or not know quite how to cook something.

It is easier to hit the mark with just regular gravy and fries; however, because working with cheese curds is tricky – maybe this is the reason why these recipes often fail when we make them at home. Which means it is the not recipe that matters primarily, to make good poutine, the most significant role is of the fresh cheese curds.

So why are fresh cheese curds so essential to good restaurant-made poutine, let me tell you why:

The Taste Is In the Squeak

The ‘squeak’ of cheese curds is proof that the cheese curds are fresh, and when cheese curds lose their squeak, they lose their taste too. As the cheese curds become older, the flavour tends to become a little sharp and overpowering. The texture of the cheese curds also gets damaged – the cheese curds become firmer as they lose their freshness.

Freshness Is Equal to Good Melting Ability

Cheese curds are not meant to have the melting ability of regular cheese; however, they do get soft when heated. Cheese curds do not melt quickly because they are milk proteins bound together and are not aged, so the enzymes do not get the time to change the protein structure; hence, they do not melt and cannot be used like regular cheese. While making Poutine, the cheese is not cooked; they are tossed with gravy and fries at the very end of the preparation. So, if the cheese curds are too firm, they will not get soft with the heat of the gravy.

So, now that you know the trick to make the best poutine at your restaurant, you might be wondering where to get the best fresh cheese curds from. Many manufacturers falsely claim that their cheese curds are fresh, but they sell cheese curds that are not fresh but instead drowned in preservatives.

If you want to buy fresh cheese curds for poutine at your restaurant, look no further than Pure Dairy. They sell the cheese curds directly sourced from Wisconsin – one of the global homes of cheese curds.

Pure Dairy is very different from other importers – they are not using harmful additives and preservatives to keep the cheese curds fresh. Instead, they use the IQF technique for packaging, which means each piece of cheese curds is individually quickly frozen, so they also don’t stick together. The cheese curds retain the original taste and texture, freshness, and squeak by using this technique.

Get in touch with Pure Dairy today to get fresh cheese curds for your restaurant.

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