What is a tunnel freezer?

Individual Fast Freezing (IQF) of smaller items in bulk, such as vegetables, fruits, and proteins, is achieved using tunnel freezing systems. A tunnel freezing is essential equipment for any commercial establishment of freezing. It specializes in quickly freezing a large quantity of product in a short time, while ensuring that the product does not stick to itself. They also ensure that no block of ice develops.

Larger installations with longer and wider belts accommodate larger processing capacities. Tunnel freezing devices handle the product with caution in the capacity that is right for you. Smaller capacities are typically sought by start-up food manufacturers, for whom a single or two-belt structure will suffice.

Why use a tunnel freezer?

In the food sector, it is increasingly essential to freeze processed products. To obtain optimal freezing, the temperature must reach-20 ° C as quickly as possible. The faster the freezing time, the less ice crystals will form inside the product, preventing the fibers from breaking and preserving the original structure of the food. Very low temperature freezing is particularly necessary for packaged products.

For each use, you may have the right freezing tunnel: Spiral tunnel freezer, Cascade tunnel freezer, and Pallet tunnel freezer.

Top-quality tunnel freezer for you

Our full range of Tunnel Freezers is designed to ensure fast IQF of superior quality for bulk products. The AY range of GEA handles smoothly all fruits and vegetables, and provides high-efficiency products through the process of fluidization.

The stock is frozen until it has been thawed-tunnel freezing is a straightforward procedure. Efficiency and longevity, on the other hand, are critical considerations for these transactions. A well-maintained tunnel freezer could be the game changer for your company and help save a lot of money and time in the long run. It must be a long-term investment, much like every other freezing machine.

Our freezer tunnels are designed for rapid freezing and take into account:

  • A very low evaporation temperature
  • High efficiency evaporators
  • Optimized air circulation

A comprehensive cooling solution for your industry

We offer comprehensive tunnel free services to all industries. We not only have new tunnel freezers, but we also make sure they remain in decent working order over time. Our exclusive service is the result of a collaboration between a number of foreign stakeholders that have long worked in this field.

Our engineers are committed to helping you get the right freezer and keep your products safe. We have extensive experience with tunnel freezing technology.Thanks to our collective, long-term experience in industrial freezing technology, you will receive the best service and technology.

We provide replacement parts, perform repairs, and provide guidance on how to use your new tunnel freezer. If you want a freezing machine that can handle the whole manufacturing chain without sacrificing device durability, then you are in the right place.

Scope of application

Our tunnel freezer is widely used for the storage of seafood and fish, poultry, vegetables, fruits, dough, prepared foods and others. Get your free no-obligation quote today and enjoy the best freeze possible.


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