Use These Tips to Make Pizza Dough at Home

If you are making pizza at home for the first time, there is one crucial thing you should know- making the dough. You may be excited about choosing the best toppings, but you ought to know that the crust makes an important part of the pizza. Literally, the crust is the foundation of pizza. It is, therefore, crucial to know how to make pizza dough. Making pizza dough is very simple. In fact, it only involves a few ingredients, i.e., water, flour, salt, and yeast. Pizza recipes are different. Therefore, it will be best if you follow the recipe you are using. The most important thing is kneading well and leaving the dough to rest for some time. Remember, how much you let the dough rest determines the crunchiness and chewiness of the crust. So, we have compiled some simple tips to help you make the best pizza dough at home.

Know the Flour

The secret of making the right pizza dough is knowing the difference between different types of wheat flour. Knowing what elements make all-purpose flour different from bread flour is crucial. This way, you will choose a recipe to help you create the desirable crust. It is advisable to use bread flour to make the pizza dough. This is because bread flour has high gluten content that helps create a crunchy texture. However, you can go for all-purpose flour if you want a soft crust.

Let the Dough Rest at Room Temperature

Making pizza dough will involve mixing the ingredients into a ball and shaping it. Some people let the dough rest in the fridge for a specific period. However, letting the dough rest at room temperature is better. The colder the dough gets, the harder it will be to stretch, and proper fermentation might not occur. Therefore, let the dough rest at room temperature to rise and ferment well for more flavor.

Stretch and Don’t Roll

Forming the flat crust is more of stretching than rolling. Therefore, you may not need to use a rolling pin. Focus on increasing its diameter by stretching the dough. Stretching also helps in a different gluten formation you cannot achieve with rolling. So, instead of rolling, stretch the dough using your hands.

Work on the Shape

Normally, pizza is round in shape. However, that doesn’t have to be so all the time. The important thing is to make the dough shape you like since it will determine the final shape of the pizza. If you want an oval pizza, make oval balls and such.

Know the Difference between Rich and Lean Dough

The difference between lean and rich dough is the fat content in the mixture. A lean dough makes an elastic crust that is chewier. On the other hand, a rich dough will make a crumbly and fragile crust. A lean dough has more oil or fat content, so you might find some recipes asking to add more vegetable oil or olive oil to the dough. Fat is crucial in the dough since it interferes with gluten development during resting and retards east growth.


These are useful tips you should consider when making pizza dough. Remember, the crust makes the essence of the pizza. So, you must make it the right way based on what you want.


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