Two Different Method Of Baking Potatoes In Microwave

There are different ways of cooking more than one recipe. I remember going to visit a friend and her method of making microwave baked potato was different from mine although it had a similar taste to mine. It was not the same as the recipe I was used to trying. The good thing was that her recipe also turned out well. I will be revealing those two recipes now. 

While making my microwave baked potato, I like to select the same size and wash my potatoes to remove dirt or any spot on the body with my knife. After doing this, I add my salt to taste and pepper. Yes, I do not peel the skin of my potato off. I simply make sure it is well washed. Then I make use of my fork to pierce the hole where the steam can go out from. Do you know that the skin is high in nutrients which is beneficial for the body? After doing this, I place it in a microwave bowl and cover it well. I place the bowl in the microwave and put it in the highest power which my microwave has, and I set my timer to do other things. My timer signals and I check if my potato is ready by making use of a fork to confirm if it is soft enough and if it is, I add my herbs and spices to give it the kind of taste which I love. I serve my potatoes hot, this is how I enjoy it. 

My friend cooks hers by selecting potatoes not minding the size. Then, she peels off the back of the potato. She does not like to eat the body of the potatoes and does not like to microwave it that way because she feels washing it is more stressful. She then adds her ingredients which include curry, thyme, salt, and pepper with little oil to rub all over the potatoes. Then, she makes use of microwave plastic covering with foil paper and she pierces the body of the potato with a knife. She then puts it in the microwave to bake and sets her timer. After the timer signals, she checks if each potato is ready with her fork and removes the ones that are ready for another bowl while she puts the others back into the microwave. Leaving it for few minutes to bake and in no time, her potato is ready. 

You can try out both recipes and tell us what you think and which of the microwave baked potato is preferable. 

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