How to Prepare the Most Delicious Turkish Tea

Traditional Turkish tea is black, and is consumed massively across the country. Turks often fancy herbal teas, like linden flower (ıhlamur çayı), rose hip (kuşburnu çayı), and other exciting flavors. However, these are typically consumed to delight the taste buds and for their unique health characteristics.

But still, there is nothing else that can live up to black Turkish tea. Continue reading to learn how you can prepare this delightful drink.

What Do You Need to Prepare Good Turkish Tea?

Here are the things you need to prepare tasty Turkish tea:

  • Tea

Turkish tea is available in different brands. Çaykur is the oldest tea producing in the country. There are also younger but equally successful ones such as Doğuş. But no matter what brand you get, don’t forget to check the production year. A well packed tea will expire on average after two years.

  • Water

It is essential to use good quality water. It must be still, soft, spring water. Bottled drinking water is considered the safest option to avoid chloride or chalk.

  • Pots

The Turkish teapot is made up of two pieces: the smaller top is for tea while the bottom metal pot is for the water. The top piece has an important role to play in the process. This is why it needs to be the most ideal material for the occasion, and in this case, it is porcelain.

  • Portion

The amount of water you need is measured approximately. However, for the tea, there is a rule of thumb you can follow: use one desert spoon full of tea for every person.

  • Preparing the Tea

To prepare the tea, add the tea to the top portion, and let the water boil in the bottom piece of the teapot. Once the water boils, add some of it to the top pot. Lower the fire to the bare minimum, and serve it after 10 to 15 minutes.

Tips to Make the Perfect Turkish Tea

Now that you know how to prepare Turkish tea, here are other tips to help you come up with the tastiest and highest quality drink:

  • Drink it in 30 minutes.

Be sure to consume the steeped tea within 30 minutes.

  • Ward off bitterness.

Never boil the water on very high fire or for too long. Doing so will make the water’s oxygen level decrease. It will also make the dry tea in the top pot bitter while increasing its caffeine level.

  • Always count to 10.

Before you add the water to the tea, wait for several seconds for the actual boiling to end. It will help preserve the taste and healthy characteristics of the tea.

  • Use quality tea.

To check for quality, just put some of it in cold water. The tea is good if the color of the water changes gradually. If it changes fast, it means there is something fishy. After you get your hands on good tea, be sure to store it in an air tight and dry container and away from other odors.

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