Deciding on a wedding venue in Montreal: An easy guide

Romantic, appealing, and historic – Montreal is an ideal destination for weddings for the right reasons. If you intend to get married in this iconic city, you will find no dearth of venues. Choosing an event venue, especially for a wedding, requires careful consideration. In this post, we are sharing the basics of selecting the perfect wedding venue in Montreal.

Determine your needs

Are you looking for an outdoor wedding? Or would you prefer to have a banquet hall? Considering the weather in Montreal, outdoor weddings may make more sense. There are some really popular places, including Riverside bar and terrasse, which specialize in outdoor weddings, and their team can help with organizing most of the things you may need. 

Set a budget

Montreal ranks high in preference for destination weddings, and a lot of places are booked months in advance. It is wise to set a budget, so that you can start looking for options accordingly. The cost of a wedding venue depends on several factors, but you can expect to get an estimate from different vendors beforehand, with a list of inclusions and exclusions. 

Decide on the guest list

If you are not expecting more than 50 guests, you don’t need a big venue. The good news is Montreal has a lot of places for different needs and budgets. Make sure that you have a guest list, so that you can find a venue with adequate capacity. While it doesn’t make sense to get a huge venue for small weddings, you don’t want to cramp your guests in a small room either. 

Expected theme and vendors

Most couples have a fair idea of the theme they want for their big day. This could be a deciding factor for selecting a venue. Also, some venues insist that you hire vendors from the list they offer, while others are okay with the idea of working with caterers and decorators hired by the client. Make sure that you have considered that aspect before giving nod to a venue. 

Check the inclusions

Some wedding venues will have a few inclusions for the price paid, such as the basic décor. However, for other places, most things are to be paid as needed. When you consider the budget, keep in mind that these inclusions can impact the eventual cost. 

Start planning early, so that you can sort more options. In Montreal, there’s a wedding venue for every couple in love. 

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