A Guide on Picking a Pizza Corner for Yummy Meals 

If you’re picky not just about the pizzas you eat but also the pizza house you buy from, then, you’re not alone. The quality matters the most. Not all pizza corners offer the same taste. The places that prepare the base fresh and use only fresh ingredients to cook pizzas are worth your money. Besides, hygienic cooking conditions have become 10 times more important. Not that they weren’t important earlier, but COVID has made restaurants the epicenter of the deadly infection. Hence, the pizza corners that follow all COVID guidelines are the ones that you should buy from. One such restaurant in Montreal is the Double Pizza Montreal pizza corner. 

Other than the careful cooking guidelines that they follow, they offer many other benefits that make them better than most other pizza joints. Explore the benefits we’re talking about in the section below before we can take you through some of the best items that they offer. 

  1. They offer post-lockdown delivery services. So, they still take online orders after the beginning of the night curfew from 9:30 PM onwards. They offer delivery services. Pickup closes at 9 PM though. So, you won’t go hungry if you want to eat a pizza even at midnight. 
  2. They believe in offering their loyal customers some sort of reward. Hence, they run a loyalty program for online orders. Whenever a customer orders something worth 5$, he/she is given one point. The customers can redeem when they collect 30 points that can be used to purchase any 3 toppings or one large all-dressed pizza. 

3 Pizza Combo Meals Offered at Affordable Rates 

  1. The 7 Days Pickup Special Deal 

This deal is for customers who visit the store and pick up their orders. Under this deal, you have the choice to buy 1 large cheese or pepperoni pizza at just 9.99$, and a 1 large all-dressed pizza is served at just 12.99$.

  1. The C2 Special Pizza Combo Deal 

It starts at 24.99$. You’ll get any 2 medium pizzas that you want, 1 medium-sized packet of fries, and one 2L bottle of Pepsi.

You’ll also be given the option to add more items and customize the deal to suit your needs. 

  1. The Game Night Special Deal

This one is again available for online orders. It starts at 24.99$ and offers a mouth-watering selection of 1 large all-dressed pizza, 8 chicken wings with one sauce as per your liking, and 1 small packet of crispy fries. 

To conclude, pizzas have been made affordable with the help of these deals so that everybody can afford them without worrying about the budget. 


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