Want to try the best pizzas in Montreal? Check these options!

Margherita, pepperoni, jalapeño- There are endless classic pizza toppings to choose from. If you are in Montreal, you should make time for some of the local pizzerias that have found incredible popularity in a short time. check for popular options like livraison Double Pizza, which has been around since 1991. In this post, we are sharing the top options that you definitely need to try in Montreal. 

  1. Pizza-ghetti. Not a common option in many parts of the world, Pizza-ghetti is a mix of pizza and spaghetti, which gives it the name. Also, you may be surprised to know that this pizza actually originated in Quebec. There are variants of this, so you can find pizza that has spaghetti as the topping underneath the creamy cheese. You will realize the fun of not having any toppings at all. 
  2. Pictou County pizza. This pizza finds its origins in Nova Scotia. The crust of Pictou County pizza is chewy, served with pepperoni and a sauce that’s brown in color and quite spicy. This is one of those pizzas that you would want to try with your favorite chilled beer. Restaurants in Montreal do have versions of the popular Pictou County pizza. 
  3. Garlic fingers. Although not eaten like a pizza, Garlic fingers is made like one. Unlike regular pizza, Garlic fingers refers to a big pizza that has been cut into strips/fingers, so grabbing a bite is quite easy. The toppings are rather minimal with just cheese, parsley and butter, but you can also try additional toppings. Garlic fingers works best as a side dish, and you would love this with a few sauces. 
  4. Hawaiian pizza. Not many people know that the Hawaiian pizza actually originated in Canada. The Hawaiian pizza is an acquired taste for many, with toppings including ham, pineapple slices and cheese. The pizza was created in Ontario, and since then, it has remained a favorite in Montreal too. 

The best pizzerias in Montreal have a wide range of choices for foodies, and you will be rather spoilt for choices. Just make sure that you select a brand that you can trust, and do check their offers on weekdays. Pizzas in the city can feel better and more authentic when compared to some of the standard options in other cities of Canada. Do try the local favorites when you order online, and if you feel confused, just the ask the restaurant for their top options. 

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