Saffola Gold oil : Overview

Saffola oil helps you prepare delicious meals every day, by offering a range of benefits that take your love for cooking to the next level. Essential Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin E make Saffola the healthiest edible oil with the lowest saturated fats in their latest avatar. The benefit of classic Saffola with zero trans fatty acids is added to enrich your health. Saffola products are available across 20 countries including India, the Middle East & Africa.

Saffola Cooking Oil is trusted for its superior technology and is a heart-friendly cooking medium. Saffola products have been crafted to suit the Indian taste buds and evolved food habits with taste, nutrition, good health, and convenience as the key pillars of our product development Saffola Gold cooking oil is specially designed with a blend of saffola gold and rice bran oil to provide your family not just with tasty food but also with a healthy heart. Infused with fresh, Saffola Gold stays fresh for longer making it easy to cook the way you love, every day.

Saffola provides the right blend to give you the right nutrition. Saffola class is a range of premium edible oils from the house of Marico. The range comprises Saffola Gold, Saffola Active, and Saffola Total. These oils are enriched with antioxidants and Omega 3 fatty acids (Saffola Gold) and have been uniquely designed for Indian cooking purposes. These compounds help to fight free radicals in the body thus protecting against heart disease.

Saffola Gold is India’s leading heart-healthy edible oil. Its unique blend of 80% refined rice bran oil and 20% safflower oil, has the lowest saturated fat amongst Fortified Edible Oils (FEOs). The presence of tocopherols or Vitamin E in both oils makes it a healthy option for your heart. Saffola Gold Edible Oil is the world’s only edible oil with dual seed technology.

Its essential nutrients – Oryzanol and Vitamin E are retained to deliver Saffola Gold’s nutritious heart oil promise.

The balanced fatty acid profile, the highest level of MUFA and PUFA along with low trans-fat helps lower cholesterol (LDL) while keeping good cholesterol (HDL) intact. The oil retains its natural aroma, making it perfect for all kinds of Indian cooking. Richer in MUFA. Saffola Gold is a blend of 70% refined rice bran oil and 30% refined safflower oil with balanced omega-3 and -6 fatty acids to provide you, your entire family, the right nutrition every day.

Oil is an important component of our diet. But choosing the right oil for cooking can get quite challenging owing to the wide variety of oils available in the market. Most common cooking oils like Mustard, Groundnut, Sunflower, and Sesame may look similar on the surface but they are different in terms of nutritional value and health benefits. All seeds used for extracting oil have a different composition of fatty acid chains and this is what makes them differ from one other.

Get a great taste with the goodness of refined rice bran oil, a modern cooking oil uniquely rich in natural antioxidants. Saffola Gold’s natural, refined sunflower and rice bran oils are blended to give your family the toast of health. Saffola cooking oils are most trusted and recommended by leading doctors & nutritionists due to their healthy properties. Whether you need cooking oil or adding a finishing touch to meals, Saffola has a wide range of options for you as per your culinary needs.

Saffola Gold is 100% pure refined edible oil that has a perfect combination of taste and health. It’s scientifically proven LA-Mono Unsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) which are known for making the perfect heart-friendly meal. Saffola Gold is extracted from the choicest sun-kissed seeds, with almost nil saturated fat (<0.3%), making it the best choice for daily use. Moreover, using our innovative QuickRefine™ process we have reduced cholesterol further in Saffola Gold. Saffola Oil is heart-friendly.

Saffola Gold cooking oil is multi-functional cooking oil and a good substitute for other oils. It has been fortified with Vitamins A & D that helps to improve the absorption of calcium in the body. Saffola Gold is also an ideal choice for making masalas or sweets (mithai). Rich in MUFA 50%. Saffola Gold is a blend of two healthy oils – rice bran oil and safflower oil, that provides the benefits of both. Spend a few more seconds oil-toasting with Saffola Gold.

Saffola Gold, the premium blend of safflower oil, is a powerful blend of natural anti-oxidant properties and MUFA which helps lower cholesterol. Saffola Gold, the Flagship Brand of Kohinoor is a premium quality blended oil. It contains the right balance of MUFA and PUFA, as recommended by doctors.

Saffola Gold Premium is a refrigerator-friendly pack in 1L or 5L pack size. Saffola Gold explores Indian kitchens to bring you the secrets of health, taste, and flavor of everyday cooking. Each bottle of Saffola Gold is made with these secrets.


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