Outdoor Cooking Tips and Few Dutch Oven Recipes for You

If you were a boy scout and love staying outside amidst nature, then you will surely love to take some camping trips and trails now and then. Camping requires cooking and unlike your kitchen, you will not have any access to any kitchen appliances and you have to make do with the things that are available for you at the moment.

Cooking in camping is not an easy task. Hence, campers prefer going with easy-to-cook ideas. With the Dutch oven, you can cook many camping recipes with the need of not more than 4 to 5 ingredients. You can find many such recipes on Easy Campfire Recipes websites. Many delicious and healthy recipes are explained on the website and you can choose the ones that work for you while camping.

You will find hundreds of Dutch oven camping recipes on many websites. Some are listed below.

Mountain Man Breakfast

Mountain Man breakfast is an excellent option when you have to cook for a crowd while camping. It requires potatoes, eggs, cooking pots, sausages, and a Dutch oven. It can help you prepare food for many within minutes.

Cake and Berry Campfire Cobbler

With the help of some ingredients such as ice cream and a few sauces, you can easily prepare this recipe. It is an excellent choice for dinner after a tiring day of swimming, hiking, rafting, fishing, etc., when on a camping trip.

Apple Crisp

Apple Crisp is one of the most preferred desserts that are prepared with the help of a Dutch oven. The recipe requires no more than a few ingredients such as kosher salt, oats, all-purpose flour, sugar, a cube of butter, few fruits of your interest, etc., and you are all good to go. This recipe can be prepared within a few minutes and will become an excellent way of ending a day.

Pizza Baked in the Dutch oven

A camping trip will not become complete without the addition of pizza to it. Pizza baked in a Dutch oven will surely add perfection to your camping trip. You can add the toppings of your interest to the pizza base and some cheese and you are all good to go.

Bread and Scrambled Egg

Instead of eating the scrambled eggs, bacon, or ham and bread separately, you can combine them and bake in the Dutch oven to come up with your camping recipe. The dish will surely serve as an excellent breakfast or mid-day meal for you on the camping trip.

Spaghetti and Meatballs Cooked in the Dutch oven

Place the spaghetti in the cooking mold and garnish the layer with your favorite sauce. Add some meatballs and a required amount of water and you have your spaghetti and meatballs. Dutch oven cooking will make the work quite easier for you when camping.

Chili Campfire Bake

Camping will become incomplete without having cheesy chili. All you have to do is place all the ingredients inside a cooking pot and let the Dutch oven do its magic.

You will find many such recipes that you can enjoy during camping to the fullest. Know them and enjoy camping with your dear ones.

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